Thursday, June 25, 2015

Caterpillars Take Looking Like Poop to a New Level

Watch: Ants Use Giant Jaws to Catapult Out of Death Trap

New Glowing Millipede Found; Shows How Bioluminescence Evolved

Watch: Bizarre Caterpillar With Erupting Tentacles Filmed

Spiders sprayed with carbon nanotubes spin superstrong webs

Tiny arachnid makes the ultimate sacrifice

We all seem to have Demodex mites living on our faces. Far from being harmful, these uninvited guests could reveal our evolutionary history

Meet 10 parasites with the power to control their hosts' behaviour

Spiders normally keep a low profile, but some of them have evolved striking visual displays to lure their prey into their clutches

Don’t panic! How to escape a swarm of bees

Bees Are Dying Year-Round Now

Snail's demise suggests sixth mass extinction is under way

The Blight of the Honey Bee

Meet the Bug That Turns into a Rotting-Flesh Stink Bomb

Caterpillars Take Looking Like Poop to a New Level

5 ways to attract butterflies to your garden

Hawk-moths are capable of slowing their brains to stay in rhythm with their environment

If you think bluebottles are big flies, think again. Two obscure groups of tropical flies are the giants of the fly world

Nine fluttery facts about butterflies

Do butterflies hold the answer to life's mysteries?

With reports of large numbers of painted ladies gathering in Europe, it looks likely that the UK is on the verge of another mass invasion this summer

Bees feeding on fungicide-dosed flowers develop health issues, studies say

When moths come to stay, there’s only one solution

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